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Enjoy Cycling in Comfort with our Suspension Tricycle

Our suspension tricycle is capable of withstanding off-road abuse with its independent three wheel suspension and welded chrome-moly frame. The recumbent tricycle incorporates under seat steering with linkages to the wheels for added comfort and to minimize any impacts to the riders hands and arms during aggressive all terrain cycling.  The Berserker is the ultimate local transportation solution, great for commuting to work, or running local errands.  Our Heavy Duty rack allows you to easily attach grocery carrying Pannier bags, and your briefcase.

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We offer Bionx electric assist packages integrated at the factory for those looking for the optimal commuting comfort solution or those that just want a little help up those big hills. Our recumbent suspension tricycle is hand built in the United States, from premium components to give you a long lasting cycling enjoyment. If you don’t see the exact configuration or options you want, contact us and we will be happy to customize a specialized tricycle just for your needs.